The Stewart & Shields family, who have dedicated over six decades to serving the Scottish construction industry, are now experiencing the heartache of having their business enter liquidation, resulting in the loss of 15 jobs.

Based in scenic Helensburgh on the Firth of Clyde, the company has been a pillar of strength in the community, weathering many challenges throughout its history. However, recent contract delays, escalating material costs, and labour market struggles have ultimately led to this unfortunate outcome.

Stewart & Shields, which also maintained offices in Glasgow, Inverclyde, and the Scottish Borders, has made significant contributions to the nation’s infrastructure by providing building services for social housing, local authority projects, as well as commercial, private and residential contracts.

The company’s dedication to sustainability and innovation is exemplified by its work on the award-winning A’Chrannag social housing project in Rothesay. The project, completed in 2004, was considered one of the most energy-efficient buildings in Europe at the time. Additionally, they constructed the Hermitage Pavilion in Helensburgh, marking the first commercial Passivhaus building in Scotland.

Despite facing the challenges of the pandemic, Stewart & Shields managed to secure a robust order book, thanks to the relentless efforts of its management team. However, recent “significant cashflow challenges” left the directors with no choice but to cease trading and seek the appointment of provisional liquidators, Interpath Advisory.

The liquidators expressed their sympathy for the family-run business, acknowledging the pressures mounting on the entire Scottish construction sector. They praised the directors for fighting hard to save the company and highlighted issues of rising raw material costs, supply-chain disruption, and labour challenges that have strained businesses in the industry.

Affected staff members will be provided with the necessary information and support to claim their statutory entitlements from the Redundancy Payments Office in Edinburgh. Stewart & Shields is one of many companies succumbing to the economic pressures across the Scottish construction sector.

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